About AMED Studies

The Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies (AMED) program at San Francisco State University is a multidisciplinary program that provides undergraduate students with a justice-centered analysis in which gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, citizenship, age, ability, and other structural inequalities are integral to the study of Arab and Muslim communities, and addresses the context in which these groups have existed and continue to develop in the current socio-political climate. The program is designed to bring together a wide range of areas including Arab/Middle East/Global Studies, Race/Ethnic Studies, and Critical Cultural Studies. Curricular focus areas include History, Identity, Politics; Pop, Culture, Literature, Art, Creativity, Activism; Gender, Sexuality, Race; Immigration and Citizenship; Comparative Studies with other Communities. AMED provides students with a non-traditional perspective on national and transnational positioning and resistances of Arab and Muslim communities.

AMED Studies at SFSU is housed within the College of Ethnic Studies, which developed from the historic 1968 Student Strike at SFSU. Along with other Ethnic Studies departments, it has been forced to battle against budget cuts, unfulfilled budget lines and ongoing attacks, as well as the targeted anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian attacks on Prof. Abdulhadi and the program.

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